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Yesterday I reached a milestone, 1000 likes on facebook! For me this is huge as when I first decided to send out an initial 5 boxes I thought it was going to be just that - 5 boxes!

Roll on 8 weeks and we are now sending out 50 boxes a week!! This means we are having to place real structure in what we are doing, implementing easier and quicker ways of preparing the boxes without reducing the impact that they have when opened. It's exciting! We have also started a page on facebook called Bid Box, this is where we can get bids for items that are too big for the boxes. It is quite time consumming but is something we need to do to be able fo help finance the postage and packing.

I never expected these little boxes to have such an impact, everyday I pinch myself, I am so grateful that our little team are having such a positive impact in an uncertain world.

The last 8 weeks have been amazing, I wonder what the next 8 weeks will bring?!

Have a fantastic day xx

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